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We believe that everybody should be able to own and share their creativity.
That's why we include a P5js script inside a custom ERC721 (NFT) contract to generate a unique artwork for every minted token.
We create smart contracts on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchain.

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Composition with grid

Composition with grid is the second collection inspired by Piet Mondrian. All 365 tokens have a unique hash stored on the Ethereum blockchain which will be used as input to generate the artwork.

Token symbol:
Minimum token price: ?

Composition in line

This Genesis collection is inspired by the work of Piet Mondriaan that captures the pier and the ocean. With the "on-chain" script in this contract you can always (re)generate the artwork.

Composition with grid FAQ

-- Where can I mint?

You can mint your tokens on our website: www.myartcontract.com.

-- How can I mint?

You will be able to click on the blue button to 1st connect your MetaMask wallet and 2nd mint the next token for the price of your choice.

-- When can I mint?

Public sale will start on September 26th, 2023:
🕗 New York City: 8:00 EDT
🕛 London: 12:00 UTC
🕑 Amsterdam: 14:00 CEST
🕓 Dubai: 16:00 GST
🕘 Tokyo: 21:00 JST

-- What is the mint price?

You can mint 1 token per transaction for any price of your choice, starting from 0.001 ETH per token.
There is no cap on amount of transactions per wallet, but there are only 365 tokens available in this contract.

-- How can I generate the artwork myself?

• Visit etherscan.io and Read Contract.
• Click on '10. script' and Query the script for your tokenId.
• Copy the script output, starting with 'let hashString'.
• Past the script in P5js editor and click on the 'play' button.
To show the artwork on your HTML page: past the script within 'script' tags and include script src="https://myartcontract.com/js/p5.min.js".

-- Where can find the tokens?